As online auction fees change, never lose sight of your bottom line! FeeFinder is a quick, simple way to help you understand the full measure of your profit margin. Let FeeFinder calculate and store all your listing-related fees in one convenient place. FeeFinder is part of the HammerTap studio, featuring the original eBay market research tool. HammerTap helps you find what sells and how to sell it. Get HammerTap and get the Power to Profit Today

Publisher description

FeeFinder takes the mystery out of eBay's complicated fees. Fees are on the rise, and this program can help make sure you don't lose money when you list an item. It can calculate your fees for virtually any type of eBay auction, including regular auctions, Dutch auctions, eBay Motors items, and Real Estate. FeeFinder handles any extra listing feature you might choose, so you can be sure it is always accurate. It not only calculates eBay fees, but also lets you calculate and compare the costs of PayPal and eBay Payments, the two major payment processors for online auctioneers. It also has links to all the major shipping cost calculators on the web. Use FeeFinder to keep accurate records after you sell, and to strategize the best way to list your items before you post them. It works with eBay UK, eBay Canada, and eBay Germany as well as the main eBay site.

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